They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but pictures are static. Our custom-welded aluminum boats are meant to move! Enjoy these videos of our custom crafted boats in action.

Marshall County KY. Rescue

University of Wyoming 2496P Pontoon

Bureau of Strategic Sourcing - IDOT

State of Maryland DNR Oquawka Boat Model 3612VLC

State of Maryland DNR Oquawka Boat Model 3612VLC

LeClaire Fire Department

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LeClaire Fire Rescue Craft

Kansas City Corp of Engineers 2084 Flat Bottom Flat Bow

Moline Fire Dept. Rescue

My name is Troy Chaney I am the grandson of Kenny Harmison. Today we were in Oquawka covering his house boat over at framekon for the winter. I saw the large boat out front and made him stop so I could take a picture. My grandfather assured me we could walk around inside a little so we did. I have to say I'm supper impressed! Not only because the cleanliness of the shop but the quality of your product is just of the charts! I work for John Deere Harvester Works, and theirs a lot of folks that know how to weld and do so very well, but that gentleman and young lady you have out there really take it to another level. The boats are amazing, keep up the good work! -Troy

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