Municipal Boats

Whatever your mission…fire or rescue & recovery Oquawka Boats have the boat for you. Fast, reliable, durable and safe, our boats enable fire departments to successfully complete their mission while maintaining their own safety. All municipal departments need a reliable, stable boat from which to orchestrate challenging rescue operations and fight fires. Oquawka Boats municipal boats are specially designed to keep responders safe in these precarious situations with a number of features like widened doorways and passageways, specialized sonar equipment, temperature-controlled cabins, fire suppression engine/pumps, specialized electronics and marine fire-fighting pumps, to name a few. Strategically placed rescue doors enable responders to easily pull victims aboard. We work with you to design the boat your department need. Proudly built to United States Coast Guard standards. An Oquawka Boats boat will successfully endure years of heavy usage, saving your organizations significant time and money.





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