Custom-Made Trailers

We build trailers with single, dual, triple, or even quadruple axles perfectly matched to the boat. We offer a choice of electric, electric over hydraulic, or hydraulic surge brakes. Our trailers are built from high quality steel or aluminum. They are built soundly, with quality suspension linked to heavy duty axles. Our lights are recessed, sealed beam units that can be left on even when loading and unloading your new boat.

We use new plastic boards for our bunks and guides, created from recycled materials. They provide a very smooth surface that will not damage or scratch the bottom of the boat. Our boats glide on and off the trailer. Our rails will not rot or mildew, offering years of worry free use.

Our aluminum constructed trailers are built from 2 1/2" x 3/16" aluminum c-channel beams, equipped with Torflex EZ Lube axles. Our steel constructed trailers are fabricated from 4" x 2" x 1/8" rectangular steel tubing, also equipped with Toro Flex EZ Lube axles. Gavanized steel is also an option. Our trailers come standard with lights, winch, coupler, jack stand, poly board bottom, side bunks, primer, and paint.

Wheel options are white spoke, aluminum, or galvanized rims, all available in 13"-16" sizes. Optional trailer features include hydraulic, hydraulic over electric brakes, electric brakes, and a spare tire with mounting bracket.

We can build your boat and steel trailer to match your truck, even to the point of ensuring that your boat and truck fuel on the same side, to get you to the water quicker and easier.

Oquawka Boats build more than just boat trailers. If you have a need we can build it.

If you require the best, and expect the ultimate in a custom manufactured trailer, then Oquawka Boats will deliver one for you.